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Medicinal soaps

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Turmeric honey- anti-inflammatory skin healer 

Rosewater care- anti-wrinkle facial care

Cream clay- shave and deoderize 

milk and honey- healing delicate skin soother

coffee scrub- purifying exfoliator

African honey- shampoo and skin healer

Take care of your skin naturally with our medicinal soaps. These handmade soaps are specifically designed to target common skin issues, such as inflammation, wrinkles, shaving irritation, and dryness. Each soap is expertly crafted with natural ingredients, like turmeric honey, rosewater, cream clay, milk, and honey, and provides a nourishing and healing experience. Plus, our coffee scrub serves as a purifying exfoliator, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. Trust our medicinal soaps to provide the ultimate skin care experience.