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  • Basotho Short Poncho

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  • Ndebele Short Poncho

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  • Basotho big poncho

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  • Umbaco short poncho

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  • Tswana Short Poncho

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My Heritage!

Babina Noko print is inspired by Bapedi Culture. Noko (Porcupine) is a Totem for Bapedi tribe, spread across South Africa and Botswana. One of their first kings is King Thulare, followed by King Sekhukhune 1 from Limpopo Province, Ga- Sekhukhune. This product is designed by Ledikana, to honour and celebrate this great nation. A porcupine quill symbolises the rich heritage, culture and tradition of the Bapedi nation.

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About us

Ledikana is a South African fashion and accessories brand based in Johannesburg. We specialise in the manufacturing of contemporary African garments, hats, and other fashion accessories.

Our products are handmade and culturally inspired. Style and quality is at the forefront of our manufacturing process.

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Ndebele Dzila Neckpiece

 Introducing the Ndebele Dzila Neckpiece, a stunning ornament that represents the status of Ndebele women...

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